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Welcome to our new home here at WordPress.

We have had a blog here : enexile@blogspot.com  since 2011 and encourage anyone who may be interested to check out our archives.

Enexile was a brick in mortar self proclaimed “rock n roll” boutique located in Seattle WA. from 1999 -2007. In 2007 we shut the doors and headed south to Savannah GA. to appease our Gypsy tendencies. However, just after I – the owner – settled in and began to look around for the right location to reopen the shop, the economy crashed. Thinking it best at that point to wait until the economy improved, we went online and have been here ever since. Please check out our wares at www.enexile.com. You can also follow us on Facebook and Pinterest! Thanks for the support – long live Rock n Roll in fashion! Cheers!

-Heather Koszyk

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