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We were recently contacted by Travel expert Kendra Thornton to participate in an informal styling challenge, “Kendra’s Night Out”  for an evening in New York at The Standard Highline Hotel. How could we not accept?

Here is the breakdown via Kendra:

A Great Experience In New York

In brief amount of time, I will be going to the classy city of New York with some good friends of mine. I am really looking forward to this upcoming trip, but I am in need of an outfit that will

fit in with our experiences on a particular night at The Standard, High Line Hotel. As a mother of three children, I have been focusing on them and not my style. Therefore, I am in need of

wardrobe advice.

One thing we will be doing is going to the Top of the Standard for a memorable dining experience. This room is filled with glitz and glamour. Many late-nite audiences know about it,

but I will be there. I especially want to see the breathtaking view of the city as the sun eventually sets. In fact, we will be having drinks and tea as we celebrate the sun slowly casting long

shadows across skyscrapers and other buildings. When the sun has finally gone down, the room does an amazing transformation to become a supper lounge. Some people think of it

as the most sophisticated supper lounge in New York. I do not think I disagree with that. Our evening will be filled with live jazz music and a nice menu of small-plate items. In addition to

this, there will be incredible cocktails that will further enhance our experience in the Top of the Standard. If we want to go back on a Sunday, a tremendous brunch is offered from 12:00 pm to

5:00 pm. The establishment requires cocktail attire, and that indeed is fine with me.

The city of New York has a distinct style and look, which is certainly unique. While it could be easy to become overwhelmed at all the options that are available in the Big Apple, I did not

have any problems. It does not matter if one is going to see a show, have a fancy dinner or visit one of the amazing NYC hotels, as long the right outfit can be worn. I have found that having a

terrific outfit can make a night out absolutely perfect.


So it is put to me dear reader to come up with an appropriate ensemble with the above criteria being considered. As well as factoring in that Kendra is blonde and fair with blue eyes, which helped me to choose accent colors like aqua and teal and to lean more toward gold jewelry than silver.

My very first thought was to make her look cool. This is a hip hotel, and being a Mom (of three!) is the fastest way to feel un-hip out there, so I thought that’s the way to go. No silly pink cocktail dress that will make her look like she’s coming from a wedding, no. She should look like she barely made an effort to look this good, it was just thrown together at the last minute – being cool just comes so natural! So here it is:

Outfit No. 1

KNO Pants

 The above is not the traditional route for cocktails, however I think if you are ever going to break tradition New York is certainly the place to do it. So here we have: Roberto Cavalli Python Print Trouser, Babaton Silk Camisole top,  Alexander McQueen De-Manta Calfskin Clutch, Steve Madden Spycee Black Strappy Heels and Pave Diamond Sterling Modernist ring and Dagger Rosary necklace both by Shannon Koszyk Jewlery. (Sorry but I was unable to find the link for the designer of the awesome cropped leather jacket boo0.)


Then I thought…. maybe I should offer her another option? After all, you never know if your going to be in a pants kinda mood or a dress kinda mood until you try them on that night. I remembered seeing this amazing jacket by Kate Moss for Topshop and I figured, here’s a perfect piece to wear over a simple little dress. Then I had recalled Kendra mentioning how the outfit can contribute to the fun of the night and really what’s more fun than beaded fringe? I mean c’mon.

Outfit No. 2

KNO Dress

Here we have Kate Moss for Topshop fringe Jacket, Ralph Rucci Ivory Silk dress, Jimmy Choo caged leaf sandals and Low Luv Erin Wasson Small Triple Crystal Ring in Gold. Even I cannot resist the “little pop of color” so I had to include it via this beautiful vintage feather embroidered silk clutch purse. So pretty, and the vintage earrings – Yow!


I thought I was done. But then I went online to look again at the images of the hotel bar. Now don’t get me wrong, I looked at the hotel website FIRST THING before even thinking about the wardrobe. However, I must not have realized the first time I looked that I was looking at the Restaurant : The Standard Grill  and not the Lounge: The Top of the Standard. (Yes, I know Kendra was very clear in her description, thanks.) Well when I clicked through to the photos of the Lounge area I could see that it is primarily decorated in Gold and Ivory, just the palette I had been working in. Damn. So I went back to the beginning and put together an outfit that blends the best of both looks and has lots of color without being the, HEY I WEAR COLOR!! girl.

Outfit No. 3

KNO Blues s

I feel like this look has a balance:  the effortless cool with the messy updo and the loose white blouse, the hipness from the simple modern gold rings and pouch clutch, and good old fashioned sexiness from the peekaboo lace skirt and silky camisole. Color, Cool, Hip and Sexy.

Shown here are House of Holland Embroidered lace pencil skirt, Vintage Silk camisole, Vince White Silk Blouse, Christian Louboutin Valnina 100 glitter-finished and leather sandals, Leti Metallic Leather Clutch by Rochas, Open Thin Gold Ring Thin Hammered 14kt Gold by Stefanie Sheehan and Vintage Midnight small elongated oval sliced Boulder Opal earring with white diamonds and blue sapphires.

This challenge was a lot of fun and I do hope that Kendra likes what I’ve put together for her.

Until next time…Cheers!

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