Is instant internet access to fashion shows hurting the business?

D&G Selfie

“Selfie” Collection Dolce & Gabanna Spring 2015

When writing my review of Men’s Spring 2016, I mentioned how I was no longer really into chinoiserie as much as I had been when I had seen the collections posted online back in September. That I had moved on to a new obsession since then, which made it difficult for me to write a review on favorites I no longer felt as passionate about. This got me thinking about the public’s accessibility to the collections. The photos are uploaded almost instantly to the internet these days. This means that anyone can see the new trends, styles and influences at the same time as the buyers and the press. This is a meaningful new development. When the fashion calender was concieved it was set up to show the collections 6 months in advance in order to allow time for;

  • All buyers to set appointments to view and order the product
  • The Designer to conceive and photograph their campaigns for press
  • Edit where necessary and produce the ordered product (allowing time for corrections in production)
  • Deliver product to the stores

This idea works fine when the publics’ first glimpse hits the magazine stands at roughly the same time as the clothes are hitting the stores. But now with the internet there are countless websites where you can see the newest designs coming down the runway hours after the buyers and press. Which begs the following questions;

Do we really need the magazines to hit the stands?

Do we want to wait those 6 months for delivery of product to stores?

I can tell you that personally I have moved on from most trends by the time they actually make it to the stores. I want what I am seeing as soon as I see it. When you see famous people, wealthy clients, jetsetters and the like strutting around in special rush orders does it still feel as exciting to get those same clothes in the store 5 months after others have already worn them? Is fashion moving too fast for it’s own good? Is fashion making its own trends obsolete before they even get to market – to the consumer? Is this new way of business sustainable?



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