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Resort 2020

Well it’s Resort time again. Time to have no idea if your going to be seeing swimsuits for tropical getaways or full length furs for icy tundras, (hell you might even see both on the same model). It’s a mixed bag at best but we’re here for it to get a sneaky peek at what the designers are thinking before the big Fall collections. Here’s what we’re most excited about…


This brand has the cool factor that is so hard to cultivate. They often feature asymmetric shapes and abstract fabric fusions while just walking the line between wearability and an experiment. This time they have taken it to the sexy side of the road with some clingy stretch fabrics and snug to the form pieces. If you’ve got the body Monse has the clothes.




Elie Saab

Many of the looks done by Saab are reimaginings of previous looks – he has a formula that works and he sticks with it. There are always lace panels, always deep v neck gowns, always fluid skirts and very often ~ Turbans! This collection has all those things and for resort they are just right. I love the white lace gowns and the bright dresses for vacation when you just want to feel free spirited and light. These are cheerful and and carefree with tons of attitude and that chic something that boots confidence when you wear them. Charmed, I’m sure.




Naeem Khan

Gaudy, Tacky, Cheap? More often than not a sequin dress will be one or all of these things. But in the hands of Naeem Khan we get Glamour and FUN. We’re not made of stone people. Sometimes you just want to go big – you want the loudest dress in the dress up box and these are it! These look like fun and if Resort means Holiday to you then look no further. Round about Christmas party time these are going to be just the ticket.





I’m not sure what Halloween has to do with Resort but I guess that’s Jeremy Scott for you. Guidelines aren’t really his thing and God love him for it. A lot of this collection is not exactly wearable for 99% of us but there is something to be said for fun. This collection is fun – and you can feel how much joy it brings when looking at it. Again Scott has claimed a lions share of spotlight among the many meandering collections full of clothes with absolutely no fashion. It seems there is a moment happening now where so many collections have absolutely nothing to say, no point of view, no defined customer. Just clothes. Nothing memorable. Well, this collection is one that will not be forgotten any time soon, maybe for now in this saturated market of mediocrity that is enough.




Zac Pozen

He had me at jewel tones and drove it home with sweeping classic glamour. Pozen is at his best when he cuts a gown and here he shines again.




Alexander McQueen

Burton is ageing gracefully and in doing so taking the house to new heights of refined razor sharp cool fashion. No one can touch her when it comes to delivering top of the line garments for the sophisticated yet alternative woman. All the girls who were the first to wear plaid skirts with monkey boots have grown up and some have reached levels of success that afford them respect and this fabulous wardrobe. The younger ones who can afford it? I just hope they get that it was generations of punks and trailblazers who inspired that killer jacket you are wearing!

Pre Fall 2017

So Pre Fall landed with a bit of a thud. There wasn’t that much happening on the runways that was terribly interesting.  Perhaps the general lack of inspiring moments came from the designers now showing at different times? The industry has been facing a transition of its own lately where some designers – in an attempt to keep up with the immediate demands of social media addicted clients – are opting to hold off on showing until the moment they are ready to sell. Cutting the wait and allowing the public shop now. You may already be seeing little bags next to the designers name indicating you can buy it “direct from the runway” as opposed to waiting the traditional 3-4 months for promotion and distribution. Resulting in a large gap between shows of the same season. For example, Pre-Fall 2017 began showing as far back as November of 2016 and as recently as last week! Maybe this is why the designers are off their game. They are out of sync with the industry, the customers and the season.


I love well made, high quality clothes that you can just throw on. No brain required because some days I just can’t. I would like to buy and wear these all today. (See? No patience!)

Nili Lotan

There is a hint of the early 2000’s here with the slip dress and sweater set, but I don’t mind it because it’s looks modern. What’s interesting about that is that if you had slip dresses and sweaters from the nineties, now they would  be validated as timeless and classic pieces. Its simple, chic, sexy and cool.

Ulla Johnson

These feel more like Resort than Pre Fall but regardless of that how cute! Perfect for anything from vacation wear to an afternoon wedding. Young, spirited and like, bouncy? Yeah.


This collection is interesting because it has an avant-garde attitude yet the clothes themselves are innocuous. They aren’t drastic and attention seeking, in fact they are quite elegant and chic. They’re avant-garde for the cocktail class, in much the same vein as Vivianne Westwood. Plus I love the jewel tones, particularly the yellow and teal blue and especially in those rich fabrics. It’s all very art culture and could define the nouveau high society art scene.


In my mind I have classified Erdem as one of the more feminine houses. They tend to use florals regularly and cut more ladylike shapes so working in the seasons colors of pink and blue was no hardship. But I applaud them for taking things further with some volume in the silhouettes and by adding some bolder colors into the collection. While I do love the pale sequins looks, my favorite here is the yellow brocade gown. (I also really want the floral stockings)

Temperley London

I wonder how pissed off Erdem and Temperly were when they realized they both had pastel sequins gowns with floral appliques? That’s one hell of a coincidence. Though my favorite has to be the red and black print dress which is stunning and unique.


I would like to order the tiger skirt, the dragon topcoat, the pink chinoiserie print skirt and the red all over print dress. It’s so much but if you can cut though the glare the clothes are so insanely fun and chic. It reminds me of Todd Oldham in a way – the playful unashamed frivolity. It’s wonderful to see all this again – but I still can’t help but feel that the days are numbered when you go this big. I’m going to enjoy it while I can.

J. Medel

More so the ambiance than the actual clothes, although the dresses are pretty. These colors, the dusty shades of blue and gray and the deep red and pink cut into these overtly romantic tiered and ruffled gowns, they are so loud in their softness. They create a mood around them and it’s just lovely. I’m inspired to paint like an old master, Rembrandt or Willem van Aelst. The romance and richness are beautiful.

example of the Dutch painting style