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Resort 2018

Resort had a lot of clothes. And despite there being so many designers showing collections for this often skipped season,  there was not a lot of “fashion” happening. Perhaps it’s because designers are becoming more acutely aware of the need to be commercially viable? In any case most collections were full of reasonable options. Lots of pretty floral dresses, modern looking separates in black and white, some stripes, an occasional jumpsuit, some denim. Meh. Nothing to write home about, feels like we are waiting for the next big thing to hit. In the meantime, here are my favorites.


I’m digging the  modern interpretation of a seventies sophisticate in this Chole collection. It’s not costumey or overly derivative. Modern and feels light, perfect for Resort.



You know, I bet I’d like some of these looks if I could actually see them. This trend of action posing, dance poses, leaping, what have you is really annoying. This is the line sheet – meant to show the clothes. Theatrics work on the runway because the models are in front of an audience who can see the garments in 360, and photographers who are choosing the best angles to VIEW THE CLOTHES. It does not translate in singular 2 dimensional, conceptual photos. I can tell there is something on the front of the gold gown but all I see is the zipper. WTF? Save the artistic interpretation for the ad campaign.

Antonio Marris

I love that Marris clearly reveres vintage clothing. The collections always have a dusty, I found a trunk of grandmas clothes and costume jewelry in the attic, what a find! kind of feel, yet there is always a cheerful quirkiness and sense of mischief about them. The colors are subtle and always mix wonderfully together.  There are a lot of them too, so it’s quite a task to make all those patterns and colors and accessories harmonious, but they do it time and again. That’s the eye. A curated persona for an unusual and intriguing customer.

Johanna Ortiz

This is just a great collection for Resort. The fabrics are rustic where you’d want them, light where you’d want them with a touch of glam here and there.  There are playful dresses for dinner and great outfits for a day of sightseeing and shopping for souvenirs. The colors are mellow yet cheerful and the shapes imply a lighthearted playful vibe.

Alberta Ferretti

Another collection where Resort is dedicated to the idea of being at an actual Resort. (Which makes the most sense to me.) There are some charming safari prints and a cool color palette of mustards and olive greens set against white. I don’t usually go for safari themes but these are done in almost a chinoiserie style which I do love, well done.



In this collection it’s easy to see that Erdem are masters of color coordinating and pattern design.  I especially like this group for the overall darker palette which allows the touches of bright to shine. The retro silhouettes are always a favorite and are done here beautifully with an air of elegance. The gloves get to be a bit much though and in some cases kind of look like the model is off to assist with the birth of a baby calf… Other than that there seems to be a Spanish feel in the ruffles and one shoulder looks and the florals have a Café in Spain appeal. All in all there is a cool, feminine quality that is perfect for Resort.


Elie saab

You can always count on Elie Saab to bring the drama. I’m really into burnt orange, navy and celadon green at the moment so this was pretty satisfying. Saab took full advantage of Resort to get extra glamorous and design for the fantasy vacation. A yacht in the south of France… perhaps the Tahian islands…? Decisions decisions.  However these are just a few from a large 48 look collection full of suits and jackets in leather, lace and knits, see the rest here.


Michael Kors

Easy, graphic and comfortable. These are great mix and match pieces with zero pretense. All the best sportswear pieces are represented including the crowd pleasing tunic, wide leg trouser and jacket and the quintessential halter dress.  Solid collection.


Reem Arca

Glamorous. Sophisticated. Elegant. Reem Arca stands firm here in her position as one of fashions premiere tastemakers. She has put forth an enviable collection of clothes worthy of seducing James Bond – or rebuffing his advances.



Pre Fall 2015 Review

I realize that as a retailer I should be concerned that my favorite looks from the collections are almost always the least shared on the interwebs. (It’s just more fun to say interweb)

I know the idea is to choose the most Pinned, Tweeted, Tumblered or whatever. But truthfully, most of the images I choose have something like 20 shares.  It is always the case that the items I love the most on the sales floor are the ones that end up on the sale rack (or in my closet) so I should be used to it. I am able to see a slam dunk seller when I see it, so that’s how I get by sales wise. But I’m still shocked most of the time at the ones with the 400+ shares vs the low scorers. Do I just not get it? I know I tend to lean toward more flashy, busy, statement pieces overall but am I that disconnected from the public? And is that good or bad?

Here’s what I liked best in Pre Fall 2015:

Burberry Prorsum

These little simple dresses are really something I strive to wear. I end up in pants – but I really want to be this ladylike coquette. I tell myself that if they were made this well and fit this perfectly then I would wear them. I’m holding to that. The coat I would wear with my pants 🙂 and everything else because it is the quintessential leopard coat. Not too anything, just right for Goldilocks.

Burberry Prorsum

Alexander McQueen

This jumpsuit is…yeah, it’s… wow.

  The fact that its slouchy and woolen, masculine and drapey all at the same time. It’s amazing that they were able to pull this off. I cannot imagine the original idea, “hmm, a draped, boat neck, wool jumpsuit with trouser pants.” That’s a conundrum, yet here it is. Bravo – the jumpsuit for people who don’t wear jumpsuits.

McQ Alexander McQueen

Just Cavalli

As much as I love Cavalli, I am not usually a fan of the sportswear line. Yet this round he served up a 1990’s Tom Ford Gucci meets Cavalli mash-up. The trouser Tux is surprisingly cool girl chic even with sequin polka dots. Imagine it on a French girl or Rhianna or whatever… see? That 1970’s hooker fur is not my favorite but the pants are channeling Tom Ford jetsetter which I find irresistible. Red snake-skin jacket? YES PLEASE – Rock and Roll ladies, Rock and Roll.

Just Cavalli


So switching gears from real life to Paris. Rochas does something unique. They capture a myth. They design for this artistic, somehow wealthy young woman who walks the streets of Paris. Well heeled shoes clacking hollowly along the aged cobblestones. It’s an overcast day with a chill in the air that adds a natural blush to her cheek because this girl does not need makeup, oh no. She is tousled and lovely from the moment she lifts her head from her 5,000 thread count pillow, in her chic tiny yet affluent Parisian apartment. And you buy it. You buy it hook line and sinker. She exists and I want to be her for a day. Perhaps if I buy this impossible to wear dress with the strikingly charming boxy silhouette I can channel her. This gorgeous silk embroidered satin coat will bring me inspiration. This dress will show the world that I am complicated and unique. This stunning soft gown with the momentarily blooming wisteria print will say it all.




For once Valentino is not the closing act of this blog! This time the collection – though beautifully crafted, got a bit too everything for me. There were references flying all over from camo to quilted, 70’s suede to grandmas attic. It didn’t really hold up overall and the themes felt a bit gimmicky. The solar system embroidered pieces were great I guess, but they seemed more Gymboree than high fashion. The boots though…These boots are so freaking cool. Wow wow wowie wow. These transcend era – I love that. Simple shapes, perfect proportions and inspired medium. The striped leather are fundamental statement boots that defy trends. The floral silk are classic and sophisticated and charming and romantic and could be in an oil painting from the age of empires.

Valentino 2


Reem Acra

Known for her exquisite gowns, no question Reem Acra is one of the best designers of women’s high-end formal wear. Here you can SEE why. You do not need to try these on to know that they are cut within a millimeter of your body. Somehow magically improving your figure through the painstaking and evolved engineering of delicate, exceptional fabrics. You can see the way they enhance the figure with placement of details, proportion, where the seams fall, the embellishments. It’s all crafted to perfection. The result is stunningly beautiful. These pieces are flawless, exotic, feminine, strong and sexy but not overtly in any way.

Acra at her best. Perfect.

Reem Acra